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Bringing the story of kidnapped Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl to the big screen--with Angelina Jolie starring, no less--could easily have devolved into cheesy movie-of-the-week fare, over-the-top love story, violent action thriller, or blatant political screed.

That "A Mighty Heart" is none of those--or rather, has pieces of all of them, generally in the right proportion--is a testament not only to the filmmakers, but to the keepers of Pearl's memory, especially his widow, Mariane, on whose book of the same title the movie is closely based.

For weeks, millions around the world — from heads of state, to religious leaders and ordinary people — rallied for Danny’s release.

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Danny’s spirit lives on in the hearts of those who knew him, and in the lives of the thousands of people who have been inspired and touched by him.Danny started in the Journal’s Atlanta bureau and moved successively to the Washington and London bureaus, serving as a Middle East correspondent.After he met Mariane in 1998, he moved to Paris where they were married a year later.Danny was born on October 10, 1963, in Princeton, New Jersey, and grew up in Los Angeles, where he displayed an insatiable curiosity for music, academics and sports.

Music turned out to be an essential form of expression for Danny and led him to become a fixture in several bands throughout the world, where he improvised on the electric violin, fiddle, or mandolin.But they had much more — a true citizen of the world and an embodiment of civilized values, whose death, like his life, would inspire millions of people in the cause of decency and cultural understanding.

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